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DCC Energy LPG is a pioneer in the supply of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), Natural Gas, LNG, Aerosol gas and renewable energies, operating today as a leading distributor across several countries in Europe

We source our LPG from gas separation plants, refineries and through imports, delivering to our customers by rail, road tanker and cylinder truck. Our customers come in all shapes and sizes, from families using our gas to heat their homes, to large multinational companies.  As well as household names, we also supply small businesses, hotels, restaurants and farmers.  Petrol stations are also a key sector, where we provide LPG as Autogas to fuel vehicles.

In 1977 DCC Energy LPG began as a start-up under the Flogas name in Ireland, with the backing of DCC plc, our parent company. Since then the business has grown significantly, both organically and via acquisition.  This led us to become  a leading LPG operator across  the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland. 

In 1984 we entered the UK and through a series of purchases (including BP’s LPG business in 2012) we created Flogas Britain.  Today we have an extensive network of over 40 depots spanning the country.  This was followed by our entry into the Benelux and Scandinavian regions in 2012 when we acquired Benegas from BP in the Netherlands and Belgium, and Statoil’s operations in Norway and Sweden.

In November 2015, DCC Energy completed the acquisition of Butagaz S.A.S, a leading liquefied petroleum gas business in France, from Shell for €450 million. This represents the largest ever acquisition by DCC and a major step forward in the continuing expansion of its LPG business.

Today we are one of the largest and most active suppliers of LPG in Europe, providing the  highest levels of innovation and service across 7 countries. In addition to LPG, we now supply Natural Gas, LNG, Aerosol gas and renewable energies such as solar and biomass.

Future Direction

Future Direction

Looking forward, as the supply of LPG increases worldwide, we believe that LPG has a great future as a highly versatile, clean and environmentally friendly fuel.

With the continued support of DCC plc, we have an ambitious agenda for growth across our existing operations, and for extending our footprint further globally.

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DCC Energy LPG has now developed into one of the leading LPG providers in Europe. Today we operate across Ireland, Britain, Sweden, Norway, France and the Benelux region. Supplying LPG as well as other sustainable energies, DCC Energy LPG aims to offer the very best in service and care in all 7 locations.

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